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January 2017


NOTICE WAS GIVEN that the Local School Council scheduled a regular meeting on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 11, 2016, to begin at 8:15am at Farnsworth School, 5414 North Linder Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois. 


I. Call to Order @8:18am

II. Roll Call
Christina Hatley
Jim Oehler (AB)
Kristin Stephens
Nancy Connolly
Barbara Oken
Eva Rodriguez
Carrie Warner
Lori Sechesan
Aryn Fletcher
Becky Bush
Pat McCann
Sally Usmani

III. Vote to Approve Agenda
-Nancy Connolly-1st
-Becky Bush-2nd

IV. Vote to Approve Minutes
-Becky Bush-1st
-Sally Usmani-2nd

V. Public Comment
-None at this time

VI. Reports
A. Chairperson Report
-None at this time

B. Student Council Report

-Student Council raised over $900 from their Winter Chromebook Raffle. The winner of the Chromebook was a 4th student in Room 206, as was the winner of the $20 ugly sweater contest.

-Students are working on a Google survey for school staff to see what classroom needs the funds can be directed to.

-The next fundraiser is the annual Valentine’s Day Flower Sale-this year the council will be selling roses.

-The council is also working on recruiting a “Junior Council”.

C. Principal/Budget Report
- The ILT will continue to analyze MAPS data, and Math EnVision Survey/

-The attendance team continues to provide incentives for good attendance.

-The Winter Music Assembly was a success.

-Game Night is this Thursday, all are welcome

-New security guard was hired to solve scheduling conflicts with afternoon security.

-The sewer project is still in the bidding process.

Carrie Warner (arrived at 8:25am)

-Winter Fest is upcoming on January 27th

E. Friends of Farnsworth

F. Committees - BAC, PPLC, CIWP-LRE, PAC
-No committees have met since the last meeting.

VII. New Business
-Chairperson Update: Suggestion was given that Patrick McCann step down as acting Chairman and Christina Hatley (existing co-chair) replace him. Both parties were in agreement of this shift and a formal vote is to take place at the next meeting.

VIII. Old Business
-Mrs. Oken looked into the school badges and a new application comes out in 2017. She will ensure that the application is filled out appropriately so that no errors occur and Farnsworth is appropriately recognized for its achievements.

IX. Set next Meeting Date February 8th @6:15pm

X. Vote to Adjourn @8:36am
-Becky Bush-1st
-Aryn Fletcher-2nd