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May 2016


NOTICE WAS GIVEN that the Local School Council scheduled a regular meeting on Wednesday
May 11th, 2016 that began at 8:15 a.m. at Farnsworth School, 5414 North Linder Avenue,
in Chicago, Illinois. 


I. Call to Order @ 8:24am

II. Roll Call

Jim Oehler
Kristin Stephens
Barbara Oken
Roseanne Stansbury-Nelson
Kathleen O’Donnell
Kenneth Cominek
Aryn Fletcher
Christina Hatley
Becky Bush
Diane Baran
Sally Usmani (AB)

III. Vote to Approve Agenda
-Christina Hatley-1st
-Becky Bush-2nd

IV. Vote to Approve Minutes
-Kenneth Cominek-1st
-Christina Hatley-2nd

V. Public Comment
Please note: Public Comment is limited to 2 minutes, and you must sign in prior to the start of the meeting.

VI. Reports
A. Chairperson

Congratulations to the new LSC Board Members!!

Aryn Fletcher
Becky Bush
Christina Hatley
Patrick McCann

Kristin Stephens
Nancy Connolly

Lori Sechesan

Jim Oehler
Sally Usmani

With TWO Parent Vacancies

Congratulations to the 7th/8th grade Battle of the Books team who placed

Please attend the next CAPS Meetings, next Wednesday the 18th at 7pm at Police Headquarters on 5151 N. Milwaukee. Community involvement is key.

B. Student Council Report
No report at this time

C. Principal
**Safety and Security Operations**
-Community Alert Regarding 5-5-16 Incident

-Blocking of parking lot and Linder

**Instructional Leadership**

-ILT-CIWP is completed except for the budget compliance portion as it is not available yet


-NWEA/MAP window opens May 16th

-ISBE Science Assessment for grades 5 & 8 is upcoming as well

**Student Centered Climate**

-Health and Wellness Night was a success, but needed to be better promoted looking forward

-Art Night is coming up May 26th from 6-8pm with the addition of a “Farnsworth” letters Family Project

-High School Night-May 24th (informational session regarding community programming options, and testing requirements)


-No final budget yet

-20% for 20% for more information please visit:

-A motion was made by Becky Bush to move $12, 107.34 from the Technology line and $2833.81 Walk-A-Thon, totaling $14941.15 to a Budget to complete a purchase order for new smartboards. The motion was seconded by Kenneth Cominek.

The motion passes unanimously with one abstention by Jim Oehler.

Legopalooza was a success and ran very smoothly

E. Friends of Farnsworth
Still dormant

F. Committees
BAC - Members were recruited and Mrs. Silva is planning on scheduling a meeting before the end of the year.

PPLC - None at this time

CIWP-LRE - None at this time

PAC - Monies have been spent to fund Health & Wellness night, Art night, as well as games for Family Game Night.

VII. New Business
A. A motion was made by Jim Oehler to make Patrick McCann a non-voting member of the LSC. The motion was seconded by Diane Baran. The motion passes unanimously.

B. Discussion regarding raising the school fee from $65 to $75 with the inclusion of a Farnsworth gym t-shirt. The discussion will be tabled for the June meeting to allow time for administration to look into the logistics.

VIII. Old Business
A. None

IX. Set next Meeting Date
-June 15, 2016 at 8:15 AM

X. Vote to Adjourn
Jim Oehler-1st
Aryn Fletcher-2nd