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November 2016


NOTICE WAS GIVEN that the Local School Council has scheduled a State of the School meeting on Wednesday November 16, 2016 at 6:15 pm at Farnsworth School, 5414 North Linder Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois. 


I. Call to Order @8:30am

II. Roll Call

Christina Hatley
Jim Oehler
Kristin Stephens
Nancy Connolly
Barbara Oken
Eva Rodriguez
Carrie Warner (AB)
Lori Sechesan (Medical Leave)
Aryn Fletcher (AB)
Becky Bush
Pat McCann (AB)
Sally Usmani

III. Vote to Approve Agenda
1st- Jim Oehler-1st
2nd-Becky Bush-2nd

IV. Vote to Approve Minutes
1st-Nancy Connolly-1st
2nd-Jim Oehler-2nd

V. Public Comment

VI. Reports
A. Chairperson
-None at this time

B. Student Council Report
-As reported by Hanna Voegtle and Tijana Vujovic. The council recently held their 2nd meeting and sre moving forward with one fundraiser and one community service project per quarter. The council will also be meeting with administration to gain insight into how to develop a Junior Council (K-6) and developing a school needs assessment survey for teachers.

C. Principal
- Continuous Improvement & Professional Learning Systems Update

CIWP Update- Farnsworth is more than on target with our Social Emotional Learner goals-a Farnsworth Culture and Climate Team has been establish and Ms. Stephens and Mrs., Walsh have attended Network led trainings regarding the Restorative Justice process.

ILT met and had been analyzing Math deficits and Diverse Learner deficits in reference to the drop in school rating performance. They have decided on an in house schedule of teacher observations with Math leads, as well as reviewing the fidelity with which the new Math series.

-A Full time Bilingual Teacher has been assigned (Mrs. Silva)

PARCC results are live and the ILT will also be working on how to use that data school wide. The results were as follows:

ELA Overall (42.9%) met or exceeded (citywide 28.3%)

Math Overall (35.8%) met or exceeded (citywide 24.6%)

-Network Attendance Team has been established as a result of being classifies as “on the bubble” at 92. %

-MTSS Interventions are beginning to take off with the aid of Specials Teachers.

-PBIS students exchanged over 2,621 horseshoes for the month of October.

-Safety & Operations Update

Lockdown Drill took place with law enforcement, bus evacuation, and well as October & November firedrills. No trespassing signs are up to help deter late night loitering and Mrs. OKen attended a meeting at the 16th District to raise awareness regarding other school safety concerns.

A low hanging wire will be raised in back by the modular.

Garbage management facilities replaced one dumpster and several lids to help control the potential city wide rodent problem. And facilities has approved bait boxes as well.

-Holiday Bazaar will be December 9, 2016

E. Friends of Farnsworth
-Working with an attorney to re-establish the foundation. 

F. Committees 
PAC - Met on November 15th and working on getting some calendar dates for community nights including a Fitness Night and Health and Wellness Night. The council would also like to support the SEL movement and parent/community library. The next meeting will be December 20th at 6pm.

PPLC - No report at this time

LRE - Report was distributed

BAC - Met on November 9th. And discussion was had about supports that bilingual parents may need this school year.

VII. New Business
-Discussion was had to remove the April 15th-October 15th “no shorts” language from the Farnsworth Dress Code policy. The council was in agreement that the rule is dated and is to be removed from the policy.

-Farnsworth had more Halloween Coloring contest entries than any other of the (4) schools in the network. Six of the ten winner came from Farnsworth.

-Winter assembly will be December 22nd. Exact times will be forthcoming.

VIII. Old Business
-Election safety protocols were followed and no issues resulted. Mrs. OKen did call and complain to safety and security about not having sent additional security. As a result a security was sent for the 3pm-12am shift. Mrs. OKen is also following up with her own personal contacts to begin raising questions about why schools are polling places.

IX. Next meeting date – December 14th @6:15pm

X. Vote to Adjourn @9:39am

1st-Becky Bush
2nd- Jim Oehler