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February 2015


NOTICE WAS GIVEN that the Local School Council held a meeting on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 beginning at 8:15 a.m. at Farnsworth School, 5414 North Linder Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois. 


I. Call to Order @ 8:21am

II. Roll Call (Established Quorum)

-Jim Oehler
-Kristin Stephens
-Barbara OKen
-Roseanne Stansbury-Nelson
-Kathleen O’Donnell
-Kenneth Cominek
-Aryn Fletcher
-Christina Hatley
-Becky Bush
-Terry Ann Burke
-Jeannie Gustafson
-Non-Teaching/Staff position-VACANT

III. Vote to Approve Agenda
-Terry Ann Burke-1st
-Aryn Fletcher-2nd

IV. Vote to Approve Minutes from January meeting
-Kenneth Cominek-1st
-Kathy O’Donnell-2nd

V. Public Comment
-None at this time

VI. Reports
A. Chairperson 
-LSC will provide on-site Module 5 training as needed. Chairperson will look into the time needed to complete the Module.

-Look into completing the Open Meetings Act training on the Attorney General’s website, if you have not previously completed

-New LSC reference guides were distributed

B. Student Council Report 
-Representatives Paolo B. and Kate M. present to deliver report.

Becky Bush arrived at 8:29 am

-SC held an iPad raffle which was very successful

-Valentine’s Day carnation sales was a hit-just over 800 carnations were sold, which is 300 more than last year,

-Hoping to finalize school “gift” by April. They are looking into sending out a survey for ideas on student needs.

C. Principal Reports
- ILT will be looking at newest MAP data to determine new learning cycle this week.

-Professional learning community (PLC) was developed for 2nd-5th Guided Reading and 3rd-5th Math Continuum

-(2) SECA positions are in the process of being “on-boarded” due to recent vacancies.

-After School PD on February 24th

-The 2nd quarter ELA / Math CCSS PD was attended by Lead Teachers and information gained at the meeting will be disseminated to core teacher teams.

-No official word has been given regarding PARCC test, however, classrooms will proceed as if test is being given. Testing is currently scheduled to begin March 9, 2015.

-6-8th Teachers are currently conferencing with students regarding their MAPS scores.

-Student Code of Conduct and Restorative Practice ideas/procedures are being continually reviewed

-Still partnering with DePaul University Math PLC, Mrs. OKen feels that these practices are present in the classroom.

-A big thank you to the snow removal crew for their efforts over the past few days. Mrs. OKen also made arrangements for snow removal on the playground. The students are very, very excited about outdoor recess.

-Student enrollment projections for 2015-2016 came out with 11 less students.

-Communications are still being utilized, including a most recent Robocall regarding the cancellation of the February PTA meeting.

-None at this time

E. Farnsworth School Campus and Park Foundation
-Next meeting is set for next February 17th

F. Committees
-BAC-No report at this time
-PPLC-No report at this time
-CIWP-LRE-Report was reviewed, as presented

VII. New Business
-Review Dress Code for 2015-2016

VIII. Old Business
- PB 45 Update-The committee has made great progress and the Farnsworth playlot has made the cut for the 10 proposals on the ballot.
-Still in need of a representative for the Staff Vacancy position

IX. Set next Meeting Date-LSC Regular Meeting 
-March 11, 2015 @ 8:15am

X. Vote to Adjourn @9:26am
-Motion to adjourn was made by
-1st Terry Ann Burke
-2nd Aryn Fletcher