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June 2015


NOTICE WAS GIVEN that the Local School Council held a meeting on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 beginning at 8:15 a.m. at Farnsworth School, 5414 North Linder Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois. 


I. Call to Order @ 8:23am

II. Roll Call (Established Quorum)

-Jim Oehler
-Kristin Stephens
-Barbara OKen
-Roseanne Stansbury-Nelson
-Kathleen O’Donnell
-Kenneth Cominek (AB)
-Aryn Fletcher
-Christina Hatley
-Becky Bush
-Terry Ann Burke
-Jeannie Gustafson (AB)
-Diane Baran

III. Vote to Approve Agenda
-Christina Hatley-1st
-Terry Burke-2nd

IV. Vote to Approve Minutes from May Meeting:
-Jim Oehler-1st
-Terry Burke-2nd

V. Public Comment
-Tim, In favor of a school dress code, it has simplified morning routines
-Jennifer-Against dress code, more cost effective
-Shamus-In favor of a school dress code, maintains there needs to a be standard
-Merriam-In favor of a school dress code, helps to teach rules.
-Patrick-In favor of a school dress code.

VI. Reports
A. Chairperson

-Last regularly scheduled meeting.

-Budget is our last order of business, and currently an anticipated meeting is proposed for mid-late July.

B. Student Council Report
-No report at this time.

C. Principal Reports
- School Leadership
-MAP testing is wrapping up and preliminary results indicate that we are on track with network trends

-Instructional Leadership
-Awaiting network/district recommendations for a new textbook series. A request has been made to keep the current K-6 series. 7-8 will likely be receiving a new text once the series has been selected.

-Student Centered Climate
-June 16th, 4th quarter School Awards Ceremony

-School Management and Daily Operations
-Safety Drills-complete

-Signs have been ordered regarding dog waste on school grounds

-Safety and Security has been out to plan for two additional cameras and a motion sensor-although funds are currently not available.

-No updates on repair to north end stairs.

-Fiscal Management
-No date yet set for the FY16 Budget

-Looking Ahead
-Supply Drop-off scheduled for September 3rd

-Classroom assignments available online via Parent Portal in August

A motion was made by Christina Hatley to approve the budget transfer of May 31st in the amount of $10,000 from Bucket Position Pointer to the Instructional Materials (non-digital) line. The motion passed unanimously with no discussion.

A motion was made by Christina Hatley to move $804.00 from the Career Service Salaries-Extended Day to a Bucket for Clerk Salaries through June 30th. The motion passed unanimously with an abstention from Diane Baran.

-Volunteer Breakfast was held yesterday morning, June 9th.

-Back to School Celebration has been scheduled for September 12th

-Donated $3500 to the Walk-a-thon, Tech-a-thon, as well as paid for the 8th grade student scholarships

E. Farnsworth School Campus and Park Foundation
-The foundation has received official notification that they can change their name, they are now “Friends of Farnsworth”

F. Committees
-BAC-No report at this time

-PPLC-No report at this time

-CIWP-LRE-Report was reviewed, as presented


VII. New Business

-None at this time 


VIII. Old Business
-Dress Code

-Discussion was held regarding the following options:

1) No changes to the existing dress code.

2) No changes to existing dress code, with the exception of adding jeans and of adding Farnswear/Spiritwear any day of the week, including the striking of “without stripes”

3) Dress code with various modifications .

4) Dress code to exclude any “uniform policy”, but maintain standards for appropriateness.

A roll call vote was taken with a result of 6:5 (including an absentee vote of Jeannie Gustufson) in favor of Option #2.

A motion was made by Kathy O’Donnell to modify dress code to include jeans and Farnswear/Spiritwear to be appropriate any day of the week, including the striking of “without stripes” as listed on the current dress code. The motion carries with a vote of 6 (yes) 4 (nays).

IX. Set next Meeting Date-LSC Organizational Meeting
-Wednesday July, 1 2015 @ 9:00am

X. Vote to Adjourn @9:51am
-Motion to adjourn was made by
-1st Jim Oehler
-2nd Terry Ann Burke