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March 2014


NOTICE WAS GIVEN that the Local School Council held a regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday,
March 12, 2014, at 8:15 a.m. at Farnsworth School, 5414 North Linder Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois. 

I. Call to Order @ 8:23 am

II. Roll Call

-Melanie Moorhouse
-Monica Koziol (AB)
-Jim Oehler
-Kristin Stephens
-Barbara Oken
-Roseanne Stansbury-Nelson
-George Wilson
-Kathleen O’Donnell
-Kenneth Cominek
-Christina Hatley
-Mike Simball
-Aryn Fletcher

III. Vote to Approve Agenda
-Melanie Moorhouse-1st
-Kathleen O’Donnell-2nd

IV. Vote to Approve Minutes
-Kathleen O’Donnell-1st
-Christina Hatley-2nd

V. Public Comment
-None at this time

VI. Reports
A. Chairperson Report
- Chairperson wrote a letter on of the Farnsworth LSC to the Hitch LSC Chairperson expressing our condolences and support at this difficult time
- LSC Elections are coming up, with applications due this Friday, March 14th, however a candidate forum will not be scheduled.
- Principal Evaluation will be conducted at the April evening meeting, packets will be sent out containing the newly edited evaluation form.
-Budget numbers are reported to be released in the next three weeks
-CIWP template is also changing, however it has not yet been released. As this is a school improvement plan update year, be prepared to work on this document in April/May.
-Proposal to go into LSC closed session for principal evaluation at 5pm, with an open meeting starting at 6pm (as scheduled).

B. Principal Report
- ISAT testing is complete with no families “opting” out.
- CIWP will start with the ILT in the near future as soon as documents are released. Parent committees will then be formed for additional feedback.
-REACH observation deadline (50% of all evaluations) were completed on time and per requirements.
-Peer Observations continue
-Continued professional development for teachers including upcoming ELA meeting next Tuesday, March 18th.
-Basketball season was just wrapped up, and Softball sign-ups have begun. Chess team has placed in several recent tournaments and trophies are displayed.
-Young Rembrandts has concluded, Art Night to being scheduled, PTA Creative Dramatics is starting in the next weeks, Art Club (5th-8th) has also started and is working on the bottle cap mural, and in light of a recent donation on behalf of Mrs. Thomforde-Ms. Roche is looking to purchase guitars for classroom projects.
-Monthly Mustang is still in production
-Champions, after school program, is finalizing their contract with CPS.
-CELA trainings and Principal Mentorship meetings continue for Principal OKen. She has also completed the webinar for the new PE policy.
-Budget displacements were distributed to reflect most recent internal account spending.

-As mentioned, Compass Creative, will be coming to school to develop a (K-8) school production of “Princess and the Pea” remix.
- Legopalooza (Mother-Son event) is scheduled for March 28th 6-8pm. PTA, is also looking into Father-Son, Mother-Daughter events as well.
-The Book Fair is coming up in April (3rd- 8th), with set-up starting on Thursday and last call the day after report card pick-up.

D. Farnsworth School, Campus and Park Foundation
-Upcoming scheduled meeting
-Spring Flower fundraiser is in the works, and funds will benefit the chess team, specifically including continued instruction from Dan Wilson.
-Campus Park received an estimate back on their proposal, which was $1.8 million dollars.
-The foundation also donated funds to purchase basketball/volleyball uniforms.

E. Committees:
- BAC- None at this time
- PPLC-None at this time
- CIWP-LRE- Report distributed

VII. New Business
A. School Fee Increase for 2014-2015
-A motion was made by Christina Hatley to increase the school fee for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year to $65.
-Jim Oehler-2nd
-All council members agreed to motion unanimously.

B. Student Body Rep. report to LSC
- A suggestion was made by the Chairperson to include a Student Council representative report at meetings. The Student Council will discuss the option at this Friday’s (March 14th) meeting.

C. Support for Hitch Community
-Suggestion was made to reach out to Hitch school and community on behalf of the student body. Suggestion was made to create cards, letters, poems, sympathy basket, ribbons, etc to acknowledge the loss.
-On a related note, a former Farnsworth student was fatally killed by a Metra train last Friday. The Farnsworth community has Erik Lucansky and his family in our thoughts and prayers.

D. Parent Community Outreach
-Chairperson suggested a community outreach push to learn more about how parents would like to receive their “Farnsnews”. Ideas included anything ranging from an online Open Door, classroom “blogs”, Google groups, etc.
-A communication survey will be distributed at 3rd quarter report card pick-up.

E. Friends of the Handicapped Donation
-The Friends Organization has graciously voted and approved a $1000.00 donation to the Farnsworth Vision Program in memoriam of Erin McDermott. As we all recall, Erin was a 7th grade student who suddenly passed away a few months ago-her family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers.

VIII. Old Business
A. After Care program Update
-Representatives from the “Champions” after care program were in attendance at today’s meeting and are eagerly awaiting the approval of the CPS contract. Marketing and licensing have already been created and “Champions” will be ready to start for the 2014-15 school year. A representative will also be available at 3rd quarter report card pick-up (April 7th) to share more information about the program and boost student enrollment and interest.

IX. Set next Meeting Date-LSC Regular Meeting
April 9, 2014 at 5:00 PM (Closed Session) with (Open Session) beginning at 6PM

X. Vote to Adjourn