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March 2015


NOTICE WAS GIVEN that the Local School Council held a meeting on Wednesday, March 11, 2015 beginning at 8:15 a.m. at Farnsworth School, 5414 North Linder Avenue, in Chicago, Illinois. 


I. Call to Order @ 8:23am

II. Roll Call (Established Quorum)

-Jim Oehler
-Kristin Stephens
-Barbara Oken
-Roseanne Stansbury-Nelson
-Kathleen O’Donnell (AB)
-Kenneth Cominek (AB)
-Aryn Fletcher (AB)
-Christina Hatley
-Becky Bush
-Terry Ann Burke
-Jeannie Gustafson
-Diane Baran

III. Vote to Approve Agenda
-Jim Oehler-1st
-Becky Bush-2nd

IV. Vote to Approve Minutes from November meeting
-Terry Ann Burke-1st
-Christina Hatley-2nd

V. Public Comment
-None at this time

VI. Reports
A. Chairperson

-Welcome Diane Baran as the new Staff (Non-teaching) position!!

-Except Module 5

-LSCAB was discussed and reviewed.

-Principal Evaluation next meeting, April 15th @ 5:30pm. Please complete the evaluation prior to the meeting.

B. Student Council Report 

-Representatives Roger I. and Bea present to deliver report.

-Movie Night April 17th-no entry fee, but concessions will be served for profit. Movie title TBA.

-Alderman Arena visit and trip to the office is being scheduled.

-Student Council is hoping to host a teacher appreciation luncheon at the end of the year, as they have raised a substantial amount of money this year.

-Working on developing a “Junior Council” for grades 3-6 for 2015/2016

C. Principal Reports

- As the SQRP revealed, there was a discrepancy in scores in Grade 2 and teachers have been working to restructure in order to incorporate Daily 5, as well as grades 2-5 working on Guided Reading and grades 3-5 on the Math Continuum.

-PE position will be filled through the end of the school year with a temporarily assigned teacher-as Mr. Genge will be on leave through the end of the school year.

-Aftercare Update: Champions program looking hopefully for the coming school year.

-PARCC has been smoother than anticipated.

-Mrs. OKen has spoken to the facilities manager about the safety concerns of a Luna gate and railing for the north outdoor stairs. The gate project has been approved and a proposal for new stairs has been submitted.

-Budget requests for SGSA 225 as follows:

-Transfer $146.91 from Misc to Benefits Pointer to cover negative

-Update Position

-Transfer 50,000.00 from Misc. to Instructional –Non-Digital

-Transfer 25, 000.00 from Misc. to Property/Equipment

-Transfer 15.000.00 from Misc to Commodities-Supplies

-Transfer 8759.09 from Misc to Substitutes

Jim Oehler made a motion to move $98, 906.00 from the Miscellaneous SGSA account to their recommended accounts. Motion was 2nd by Christina Hatley. Motion carries unanimously with no discussion.

-Budget request continued:

-Online subscription-Wordly Wise for Grades 6-8 (150 students) $1950.00

-K-5 (12) Workbooks @11.50 for a total of $138.00

-2nd grade leveled readers (2) @ 1218.14

-Online Subscriptions-Daily Café (2)@69.00 for a total of $138.00

-Total request from Non-Digital Account $2574.28 and Digital $2088.00

Christina Hatley made a motion to allocate funds as listed above and totaling $4662.28. Jim Oehler 2nd the motion. Motion carries unanimously with no discussion.

-Wizard of Oz performance is March 13th @7pm, tickets are $2 for adults, free for students.
-Book Fair is April 14-17th
-Lego Night (Mommy-Son Night) is upcoming on April 24th

E. Farnsworth School Campus and Park Foundation
-No report at this time

F. Committees 
-BAC-Meeting scheduled for Report Card Pick-up Day
-PPLC-No report at this time
-CIWP-LRE-Report was reviewed, as presented

VII. New Business
-None at this time

VIII. Old Business
- PB 45 Update-The committee has made great progress and the Farnsworth playlot has made the cut for the 10 proposals on the ballot.

IX. Set next Meeting Date-LSC Regular Meeting
-April, 15 2015 @ 5:30pm

X. Vote to Adjourn @9:29am
-Motion to adjourn was made by
-1st Jim Oehler
-2nd Christina Hatley