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Other School Policies and Procedures

After School Programs
Farnsworth School hosts the Champions after school program. This is a tuition based program that will be available to all students in grades K-6 (ages 5-12) from 2:45 - 6:00 pm every school day. Informational flyers and the registration line are available on our website.

Please direct any questions about the program to Kealy Schroeder, Champions Area Manager,

Cell Phones
We understand that students have cell phones at school for various reasons. However, they may not turn them on or use them during school hours. There will be disciplinary consequences for repeated misuse of technology.

Emergency Information Request Form
All parents are required to fill out and return the Emergency Information Request Form for each student—even if all of the information is unchanged from last year. Furthermore, parents must notify the school immediately if an address, phone number, or any other contact information changes during the school year. In an emergency, every minute can count!

Entering Building
The ensure the safety of our students, parents who wish to enter the building must do so through the main entrance (Door 1) or Garden entrance (Door 5), stop at the security desk to obtain a visitor’s pass then come into in the Main Office. Photo ID may be required.

Instructional Fee
The $75 instructional per student fee was implemented by the Farnsworth School LSC to enable the school to purchase new workbooks, assignment notebooks and other supplies that will help students. Especially with the current CPS budget issues, these funds are needed so the school can purchase up-to-date materials that the students need to get the best education possible.

The instructional fee can be paid at the Main Office. Students may also give the fee to their teacher in a sealed envelope marked "Instructional Fee." Payment can be made in cash, check (made out to Farnsworth School), or money order - no charge cards, please. Fee waivers are available by request in the office for families that qualify.

Lost and Found
Lost and Found is located outside the Assembly Hall. These bins are emptied at the end of each quarter. Any items still unclaimed are donated to charity.

Medication Needed During School Hours
Farnsworth School follows the Chicago Public School policy regarding the administration of medication during school hours. If your child needs to receive medication while at school, contact the school office to find out what paperwork is needed. This includes EpiPens, inhalers, and medications both over the counter and prescribed. If interested, you can see the policy
on the Chicago Public School Web site at

Meeting with Your Child’s Teacher
If you’d like to talk to your student’s teacher during the school year, you can send a message via their preferred method of communication (a note, email, or phone message) indicating the need for parent/teacher conference or call the main office. The teacher will then work with you in scheduling the meeting. Conferences are scheduled either before or after school to prevent any interruption in classroom activities.

No Dogs
For both safety and liability reasons, school policy prohibits dogs from being on school property at any time.

No Smoking
State law prohibits smoking on school district property or within 15 feet of any school entrance.

Parent Observation Policy
Parents who wish to observe their children’s teacher in the classroom while class is in session are welcome. However, in order to minimize disruptions, the following rules must be followed:
1. A parent sends in a written request to observe the classroom utilizing ODLSS form and includes several dates and times they are available to attend.
2. The parent is then notified of the date and time chosen.
3. The parent (one parent only) may observe the class for up to one (1) hour per quarter during the school year for that teacher.
4. Only one parent visitor is allowed per day for each teacher; no more than two visitors per teacher per week are allowed.
5. Parent visitors may NOT participate in or disrupt the class in any manner. When time has expired the parent must leave.

Parental Responsibilities
Parents can play a key role in helping their children succeed at Farnsworth by:
1. Insisting that their children do their homework nightly
2. Providing their children with a quiet place to study
3. Encouraging, supporting and showing interest in their school activities and accomplishments
4. Reading to their younger children or having their older children read to them
5. Becoming involved in some way in a school related activity. Joining the PTA is a great place to start!