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Report Cards/Progress Reports

Progress Reports are distributed midway through each quarter. Report cards are distributed after the end of each quarter.

First and third quarter report cards will be distributed during the parent-teacher conference. Second and fourth quarter report cards will be sent home with the student. Progress reports are sent home with students.

Parents who have questions about a grade should contact their student’s teacher as soon as possible.

Progress Report Distribution Days:
Quarter 1: October 7, 2016
Quarter 2: January 9, 2017
Quarter 3: March 10, 2017
Quarter 4: May 19, 2017

Parent Teacher Conferences
Parents are asked to pick up report cards and conference with teachers after the first and third quarters. Parent-Teacher conference days are non-attendance days for students. 

Quarter 1: November 9, 2016
Quarter 3: April 19, 2017

Report Card Distribution Days
Please note that report cards for the second and fourth quarters will be sent home on: 

Quarter 2: February 10, 2017
Quarter 4: June 20, 2017