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Footprints of the Mind

"This was my child's favorite camp!" - Parent

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Wander Our World  geography programs are much more than just learning how to locate places on a map, it is learning about the whole picture, past and present, recognizing and understanding other cultures, languages, celebrations, animals, environment, resources, and much more. 

This summer we will be exploring and unraveling some of the world's mysteries. Come explore with us on our journey as we discover how the other parts of the world are different and how they are the same. Explore in our Travel Trunk of artifacts, follow our adventures on a map, and create an amazing art project based on the followng themes:

Week 1: June 22-26 What do people wear?
 – Ages 4-11 – Countries from all over the world have traditional clothing that represent their culture. “Travel” the world with us as we explore and experience various clothing traditions, understanding what each of them mean to the people of the country. The children will be making their own souvenir costumes to bring home and share with your family. 

Week 2: July 6-10 Mythical Creatures
 - Ages 4-11 - Did you know that not all mythical creatures are from Greece? Come explore with us as we reveal mythical creatures from all over the world. We will learn about the stories that make them famous. The fun does not stop there, we will create an awesome project to immortalize our new friends! 

Week 3: July 13-17 - Museum Mystery - Ages 4-11 - Who needs a night at the museum for a fun mystery tour? Daytime tours are so much more fun! Join us as we read through our daily clues that send us on an adventure seeking out to find who stole the key to our museum. The mysterious clues will help us answers the questions and many more as we “travel” the world in search of our lost key to unlock our Travel Trunk treasures. So we do not forget the fun we had on our mystery tour we will be creating an amazing painting for your museum at home.

Week 4: July 20-24 - Wildlife Adventure - Ages 4-11 Do you think of an African safari when you hear “Wildlife Adventure”? Well that is not the only place to find mind-blowing wildlife. Join us as we “travel” the world looking for some of the most amazing wildlife you have ever seen. Our adventure will be documented by creating wildlife prints to share your journey with your family. 

Week 5: July 27-31 - Mapping - Ages 4-11 Worldly travelers have you ever wondered when maps were first invented and why? Do you also like to create and build things? Then look no further, this week we will be charting our travels on our own personalized 3D map. You will be creating a 3D map of each country that you “travel” to throughout the week, creating a personalized mapping experience.

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
$150.00 per week
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We are trained on diabetic and food allergy management. 
Our camps are differentiated to meet the needs of the different ages of our travelers.
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